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Two balls fused together in the new RockBalls Infinity to provide dual-action relief to sore muscles and joints. Roll Infinity down your spine to relieve back tightness, with one side of the ball on either side of the spine. Target tight calves and hamstrings with twice the pinpoint accuracy.


Precision Targeting

Tightness in the back? Stiff shoulder? Knotted calf? They are no match for RockBalls Infinity. Two fused balls allow you to roll with more directional control, as the fused balls only roll in one direction.


Mobility Anywhere

RockBalls Infinity are ready whenever and wherever you are. Coupled with our original RockBalls and RockFloss, they make a perfectly portable mobility toolkit.


Every set of RockBalls Infinity includes a special Movement Manifesto, a booklet that contains valuable information to educate users on the following:

•How to use RockBalls Infinity

•Detailed movements and exercises

•Helpful hints about best ways to use RockBalls Infinity

•Breathing and proper alignment

•A full reference section 



•Two smooth balls fused together – each 6.4cm/2.5” diameter

•Both are made of rubber