RockTape Equine Manual

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The manual contains taping applications for both the horse and the rider.  Some of the taping applications for the horse have been extrapolated from methods used with much success in humans.  However, horses have a very finely developed afferent neural system compared with humans, so the effect of taping horses can be dramatically exaggerated compared with taping humans.

The sections of the manual cover applications:

  • For the horse including shin soreness, tendon and ligament injuries
  • To assist the posture of the rider including upper back, wrist position and head position
  • To assist the rider overcome injuries including lower back, knee and polo/polocrosse elbow taping
  • To enhance performance through the use of Power Taping techniques.  Power Taping is utilising the benefits of kinesiology taping to tape the muscles associated with a particular activity, linking the muscles of the appropriate kinetic chain, ie. lower back, hamstring and calf muscles that make up the posterior chain.

The Rocktape Equine manual has 107 pages and over 200 images to assist readers get the most from their use of Rocktape Equine. 

The Foreward is by Gillian Higgins, founder and presenter of Horses Inside Out.

Developed and written by Tyana Lawless, Dr. Steve Capobianco and Greg van den Dries.