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RockBlades Course
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Online interactive course
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Presenter: Steve Stahl.  A brief bio can be found at this link - Steve

Cost: Course only - $190 or $95 for students of undergraduate courses as opposed to postgraduate courses.  For students registering please use the coupon code: "Student" at checkout to activate the discount.  After registering, please email a copy of your student card or evidence of student status to

Clink on this link RockBlades Online Course (recorded) to bundle RockBlades or Mohawk massage tools with your course registration and save $$$

Sometimes it is challenging to be available when a course is conducted.  So we have recorded one of our RockBlades online interactive courses that was recently conducted via zoom.  Once you purchase the online course, you will be sent a link, and you will have 12 months to watch the content as many times as you like.

The content for this course is the same as our face to face courses.  The recorded video you receive is 5 hours and 15 minutes in length.  However, the number of hours taken to complete the content depends on how much time you spend practicing the applications in the practical segments of the video.   We estimate the total time to complete the course could take up to 8 hours, which is the scheduled length of the face to face courses, and that is the amount of time we put on the electronic certificates we send to customers on completion of the course. 

Stainless steel tools enable you to assess the tissue differently, as well as being great self-care: prevent your hands fatiguing and being prone to injury yourself.

Attend the RockBlades full day course and learn how instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) could be integrated into your patient care.  The RockBlades course presents an alternate model for IASTM work – what we define as “Instrument Assisted Neuro Sensory Modulation” or IANSM.  This draws from current thinking of the way in which fascia behaves and the influence that manual therapy has on these tissues, as well as the latest pain science.

The RockBlades approach is typically very gentle, and the use of instruments can allow the practitioner to assess and “feel” the patient tissue in a different way.  Participants new to the use of tools are always surprised at the level of tissue information that can be felt through the tools.

The stainless steel RockBlades will last a lifetime! 

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction to IASTM and the RockTape philosophy
  2. “Driver’s Education”- using the various tool edges and grips
  3. Exploring treatment variables – rate and depth
  4. Using the Massage Tools for neurosensory modulation and influencing muscle function
  5. Using the Massage Tools for pain presentations
  6. Using the Massage Tools for “shearing” and treating nerve entrapments
  7. Examples of use for commonly treated areas of the body

As is the case with all our courses, the RockBlades course is highly practical.  Most participants will be confident to use the RockBlades with their patients immediately on returning to the clinic.

Australian based attendees receive:

  1. an electronic copy of the presentation slides
  2. an electronic certificate on completion
  3. OPTIONAL - a set of RockBlades and or a Mohawk 

Any RockBlades or Mohawk massage tools ordered will be despatched to you via courier when you place your order.  Please provide a physical delivery address, not a PO Box.

Non Australian based (International) participants receive:

  1. an electronic copy of the presentation slides
  2. an electronic certificate on completion


The following associations recognise members who attend courses within their scope of practice.  

  1. Association of Massage Therapists
  2. Australian Chiropractic Association 
  3. Australian Physiotherapy Association
  4. Australian Natural Therapists Association
  5. Australian Traditional Medicine Society
  6. Exercise & Sports Science Australia
  7. Occupational Therapy Australia
  8. Massage & Myotherapy Australia
  9. Podiatry Board of Australia  

You can register just for the RockBlades course, or you can package a set of RockBlades and or Mohawk with the course.

  1. Course plus Mohawk (stainless steel) - $455 (save $30 or 10% off the cost of the tools)
  2. Course plus RockBlades (stainless steel)- $635 (save $50 or 10% off the cost of the tools)
  3. Course plus RockBlades plus Mohawk - $860 (save $120 or 15% off the cost of the tools)

Clink on this link RockBlades Online Course (recorded) to bundle RockBlades or Mohawk massage tools with your course registration and save $$$

After purchasing the online training, you will receive your login details within 24 hours of purchase. This is NOT an instant download. You will then have access to watch the online course for 12 months as many times as you want.  If you don't receive the email in a timely manner please contact

On completion of the course you can request an electronic certificate of completion for CPD purposes.  If you have any questions after the completion of the course, you can email them to us.  We will then answer your questions via email, or set up a zoom call if that is easier.

For further information, please contact or 0439 619 490

We have been creating online education content since October 2017.  Our customers have rated both the RockPod and RockFloss courses with five stars.